This page is for people to log their shiny encounters, please do NOT edit anyone else's information here, thanks!

Encounters Edit

Example Edit

Mr. Example's Encounters Edit

  1. Fletchinder - Flying-type Friend Safari - Lv.30 - Adamant Nature - Mischievous - IVs (optional) - Number of encounters - [image]

Bumblebee5253 Edit

Bumblebee5253's Encounters

  1. Charmander - Pokemon X - Lumiose City - Lv. 1 - Naughty Nature - Somewhat vain - IVs 31/X/X/X/31/31 - 305 Eggs -

Flameo's Hatching Screen

2. Wingull - Pokemon X - Route 8 - Lv. 7 - Modest Nature - Takes plenty of siestas - IVs 20-31/0-11/0-11/5-18/12-25/16-29 - Random Horde

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